Measuring Outcomes

Behavioral Health And The Workplace: Productivity Costs And Solutions

Apr 22, 2016|

Employers and their benefit advisers face a complex array of carriers and third-party administrators when attempting to choose absence and disability providers. In the past, these choices often hinged upon price alone. Recent research and surveys have demonstrated that employee absence and disability cost more than previously thought. The provider choice can ultimately have major [...]

Understanding Presenteeism

Apr 15, 2016|

Presenteeism is difficult to measure and very few employers actually attempt to quantify it. Yet it is a topic of interest at many HR and benefits-related conferences and in publications. Employers concerned about the productivity of their workforces, along with their benefits advisors (brokers and consultants), have an opportunity to improve productivity by learning about [...]

Happiness and the Bottom Line: The Happy Worker Prescription

Apr 12, 2016|

In this white paper, Lincoln Financial Group introduces the “Happy Worker Prescription.” Lincoln Financial Group reviews the research literature connecting employee happiness and productivity, explore the components of happiness, and describe why the findings are critical to employer success in the modern economic environment. Lincoln Financial Group concludes with a 10-step “prescription” for maximizing employee [...]

The Aging of the Baby Boomer Generation: Some Implications for Employers and Insurers

Feb 15, 2016|

America is graying. We review Aetna's 2013 book of short-term disability claims as a function of age and diagnostic categories. While overall statistics show a predictable impact of age, not all diagnoses follow that pattern, with clear implications for employers.Older workers are frequently an employer’s most valuable workers, given their experience and commitment. Many of [...]

Enhancing Productivity: Achieving More Desirable Return-to-Work Outcomes

Feb 10, 2016|

Picture a team with no game plan and a group of coaches who each address challenges in their own way as they arise. Chances are this isn’t a winning combination. Too often, employers take a similar approach when returning employees to work following injury or illness. For many it may be business as usual, but [...]