Understand Health Risks

Putting the Focus on Endometriosis

Mar 28, 2018|

This resource discusses endometriosis and understanding the impact of complex chronic diseases beyond diabetes and hypertension. Endometriosis happens when tissue lining the uterus grows elsewhere in the body and continues to grow and bleed as it normally does during the menstrual cycle. Scar tissue and inflammation can result, causing pain and other complications, including [...]

Dialing in a solution to help dial back health costs-the rise of telemedicine

Mar 14, 2017|

Employer use of telehealth technologies has proliferated over the last decade. While the diagnosis and treatment of urgent-care type conditions have traditionally been the target for benefits managers seeking to reduce ER spend—in the last few years the breadth of conditions addressed by telemedicine has expanded into areas such as tele-behavioral health and tele-dermatology—to name [...]