Improving Overall Employee Wellness Through Telehealth

Apr 28, 2022|

Improving Overall Employee Wellness Through Telehealth Nicole Nicksic, PhD, MPH Research Lead, IBI       The first record of telehealth dates to 1879, when doctors encouraged patients to call in to avoid coming into the office without need. Although telehealth has been around for decades, the nationwide expansion during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted [...]

20% of Employees Used Telehealth in 2021 and Declined Throughout the Year, According to Integrated Benefits Institute Analysis

Mar 7, 2022|

Employees who are men, 18-24 years, with high school education or less use telehealth the least Oakland, Calif. - March 7, 2022 - Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth was not widely used by patients. Use surged once the pandemic began, as people were discouraged from seeking care in person. However, employers are still concerned [...]

Announcing IBI’s 2021 Research Agenda

Feb 16, 2021|

Announcing IBI’s 2021 Research Agenda Kelly McDevitt, IBI President The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything about how we work and do business. It has removed the boundaries between office and home life, shifted working arrangements and programs online, and greatly altered the kind of support employees need to stay healthy and engaged. Throughout [...]