Learn what employers can do to get better value for money spent on prescription drug benefits.  First, Chuck Reynolds of Benfield-Gallagher reviews key findings from research on employer experience and perspectives regarding pharmacy benefits management. Then, Kristen Putnam of Praxair describes her company’s journey from a traditional PBM vendor relationship to collaboration with their fully transparent and pass-through PBM partner.

Notice to viewers:  Slide 45 includes an error.  The dark blue portion of the Praxair bar ($55.70 PMPM) represents traditional and specialty costs through the PBM; the light blue portion ($13.76) represents specialty costs carved out from the medical benefit.

Chuck Reynolds is a Consultant with Benfield, a Division of Gallagher Benefit Services, a consultancy focused on helping healthcare stakeholders improve health and healthcare value through research, strategy and strategic communications.

Kristen Putnam is the Director of Global Benefits at Praxair. Kristen's expertise includes designing benefits programs, negotiating deals, compliance, managing vendor relations and collaborating with senior executives on program changes.