The Family and Medical Leave Act continues to undergo hundreds of changes per year, while the Americans with Disabilities Act is now called an “inadvertent leave act” since it can have a similar impact upon absences and productivity. In this informative session, hear from attorney and FMLA/ADA expert Matt Morris of ComPsych on the latest changes in both FMLA and ADA, along with strategies for staying compliant and reducing the impact of both acts upon your organization. In addition, Morris and Marjory Robertson of Sun Life Financial will present a comprehensive case study on challenges and solutions related to: multiple decision makers affecting consistency and compliance in FMLA/ADA determinations, intermittent leave impacting scheduling, and overall absences affecting the company’s operations.

  • Matt Morris, Vice President of FMLASource, ComPsych
  • Majory Robertson, AVP & Senior Counsel, Sun Life Financial