Having a patient-centered focus is moving to the forefront of healthcare delivery as it shifts the decision making to be more inclusive and respectful of the individual’s needs, values and preferences. The goal of this shift is to improve patient care, health outcomes, and to create more value from healthcare spending. US employers can enhance these results for the productivity and wellbeing of their workforce and the performance of their businesses when they align their strategy to support patient-centered goals in their health benefits management decisions.

The Integrated Benefits Institute and the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions surveyed over 200 employers to understand whether and how employees’ needs and goals are factored in when it comes to designing and implementing benefit programs in their companies.

This report provides an overview of the survey results and provides insights on the following:

  • What are employers trying to achieve through their health programs?
  • What sources of information do they rely on for program decisions?
  • How do they judge success?
  • What partners do they rely upon?
  • How confident are they that their programs are achieving patient-centered results?