IBI/GPBCH Data and Analytics Symposium

Employers are stuck between a rock and a hard place today when it comes to health-related data. On the one hand, they understand how important good data are to guide their decisions on managing health/related programs and make the case of why their interventions make sense for their employees and their businesses. On the other hand, as the number of health and care programs has expanded and proliferated, they are overwhelmed with data and reports from their myriad vendors and partners. Combine these two realities with the employer’s limited time to deal with such issues and their scarce resources make it hard to see a path forward.

The Integrated Benefits Institute – the country’s leading non-profit research/data organization – and the Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health are hosting a one-day program in Philadelphia to help employers and their vendor/partners find a pragmatic and useful strategy for identifying and using the right data.

The program is designed to address three critical questions for employers:

1. How can I identify the key questions and develop and advance a data-driven strategy that seeks to improve workforce health and lower costs?

2. What specific data should I be looking at, how should I be looking at it, and how can I best integrate data across silos (medical, pharmacy, disability, workers comp, etc.)?

3. How can I mobilize my consultants, carriers, and other vendors to support this data-driven approach in an effective and efficient manner?

The morning program will focus on three employer case studies, each using different data strategies to better under health and productivity of their workforce. The afternoon will offer participants the opportunity to participate in sponsored workshop sessions focused on individual disease states and discuss data strategies for pharmacy, medical and absence/disability data and their interpretation.


Event Agenda
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