Talking to Leadership

Employee Health Benefits Executive Forum with IBI and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Jan 13, 2016|

Recently, a select group of business leaders from across the nation assembled in Washington, D.C., to address one of the most pressing challenges facing employers today: managing health care costs while improving worker productivity in the midst of a chronic disease epidemic. This invitation only Employee Health Benefits Executive Forum addressed how designing effective benefits [...]

2014 IBI Forum Keynote: William Strahan, Comcast

Apr 2, 2014|

*Speakers:* William Strahan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Comcast Cable This year’s keynote presentation looked at the governance of disability and other leaves from the perspective of the head of human resources and the C-suite. At Comcast these issues are scrutinized at the board level. Strahan talked about how his team materially reduced the use [...]

Value vs. Cost in Health Care with IBI President, Dr. Thomas Parry Video Produced by Aetna, Inc.

Oct 31, 2013|

Entering an era where the value of health care pulls more weight than just the cost, IBI president Dr. Thomas Parry speaks to the opportunity that HR Directors have to become an influential and informed voice in the current dialogue on enhancing the health of a workforce. In learning how and what to measure, HR [...]