Family + Parental Leave

Poor Health Costs US Employers $575 Billion and 1.5 Billion Days of Lost Productivity Per Integrated Benefits Institute

Dec 7, 2020|

Poor Health Costs US Employers $575 Billion and 1.5 Billion Days of Lost Productivity Per Integrated Benefits Institute For every dollar spent on health care benefits, another $0.61 is spent on illness-related absence, disability, and reduced work outputOAKLAND, CA – December 8, 2020 – Illness-related lost productivity costs employers $575 billion last year, according [...]

Don’t Get Surprised by (Some) Disappointing Paid Leave Outcomes

Nov 14, 2019|

Don't Get Surprised by (Some) Disappointing Paid Leave Outcomes One of the most important insights from IBI’s interviews with benefits managers at 15 high tech firms was that many companies are ill-equipped to reintegrate new parents back from leave. The implication was that even the best-designed leave policy could be counterproductive if returning parents [...]

New Family Leave Laws May Increase Stress on Co-workers, Disrupt Business Operations: Two New Reports from the Integrated Benefits Institute

Jun 3, 2019|

Developing coordinated leave policies that prioritize productivity and clear communications can help minimize productivity impacts of extended leaves SAN FRANCISCO – June 3, 2019 – As more states appear ready to pass paid employee leave laws, new research by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), a non-profit health and productivity research organization, finds that extended leaves [...]

Balancing the benefits of paid family leave with the challenges to productivity

Mar 29, 2019|

A policy brief on the impact of paid family leave (PFL) summarizes the research literature showing several advantages for workers and children, and few wage or productivity implications for businesses. That is good news for employees who work in the seven states with PFL laws, and for several states that are considering similar laws. In [...]

Press Release: IBI Releases Nation’s Largest Disability/Leave Benchmarking Database Reports

Sep 26, 2018|

Data helps employers manage health, disability and productivity programs SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 27, 2018 –The non-profit Integrated Benefits Institute has released its latest reports from the nation’s largest disability/leave benchmarking database used by employers, brokers and other benefits professionals to help employers assess the impact of their health and productivity programs as compared [...]

Should You Insource, Co-Source or Outsource Your Leave Management?

Apr 22, 2016|

The world of Leave and Absence Management is continually changing, due the complexity of managing leaves, legal and compliance requirements, and organizations’ desire to better track leaves and understand leave usage. Employers are seeking new ways to proactively manage leaves and absences, and stay ahead of this changing leave landscape. There are many ways to [...]