Press Release: IBI Releases Nation’s Largest Disability/Leave Benchmarking Database Reports

Sep 26, 2018|

Data helps employers manage health, disability and productivity programs SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 27, 2018 –The non-profit Integrated Benefits Institute has released its latest reports from the nation’s largest disability/leave benchmarking database used by employers, brokers and other benefits professionals to help employers assess the impact of their health and productivity programs as compared [...]

2016 Integrated Health Care Report

May 18, 2016|

A summary of Anthem Inc.'s extensive research to date on integrated health care (IHC). IHC is an emerging employee benefits strategy that connects pharmacy, dental, vision, disability and absence management data to an employer’s population health program to reduce costs and improve health outcomes.The research clearly show that employers are starting to integrate their health [...]

The Aging of the Baby Boomer Generation: Some Implications for Employers and Insurers

Feb 15, 2016|

America is graying. We review Aetna's 2013 book of short-term disability claims as a function of age and diagnostic categories. While overall statistics show a predictable impact of age, not all diagnoses follow that pattern, with clear implications for employers.Older workers are frequently an employer’s most valuable workers, given their experience and commitment. Many of [...]