The "silver tsunami" of baby boomers are reaching their end-of-life, causing a massive impact on the lives of their adult children. These children try to balance work responsibilities with the needs of their parents leading to absentee and presentee challenges in the workplace. This webinar presentation explores the following questions:

  1. How much of an impact are caregiving responsibilities having on your employee and business?
  2. What are industry leaders doing to address these costs?
  3. Why did the City of Emeryville prioritized eldercare support?
  4. What is the impact of eldercare support for employees and the City of Emeryville?
  5. How will the impact of eldercare support be measured?

Jeff Newman MD MPH is an Adjunct Professor in the Institute on Health & Aging at UCSF. His current research foci are healthy aging, advance care planning, and occupational health.

Colt Stander is the founder and CEO of Clutch. After becoming one of the only industrial designers to ever graduate from Harvard Business School, he has spent his time building solutions to help people live healthier lives.

Lisa Lopez is currently the Human Resources Director for the City of Emeryville. She has worked in the public sector HR field for over 10 years.