IBI is Benchmarking Companies' Leave Management Policies

Employers frequently lack information that would help them design and implement competitive leave policies. To close this knowledge gap, IBI launched a survey initiative to benchmark employers’ leave policies. This includes eligibility rules, allowed amounts of time off, wage replacement rates, and more.

Employers can request a leave management benchmark report by taking a 5-minute survey about their leave policies, and can benchmark as many leaves as they wish.

Leaves available for benchmarks include:

Benchmark reports for each type of leave will be made available when responses from 30 companies are recorded, and will be updated with each additional 30 responses. Industry-level benchmarks will be added when 30 response are recorded.

Supplier members of IBI can receive benchmark reports by request to IBI.

Note: Leave management suppliers, consultants and third-party administrators are ineligible to take the surveys and will receive reports only through their membership in IBI. Please see membership information for more details.