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Translating Big Data To Personalized Outreach: Innovation In Proactive Mental Health Management

Jul 12, 2017|

Description: In this presentation, a representative from University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers (UPMC) along with a research team will describe a unique, integrated approach to support employees, illustrating how the newest Big Data capabilities are revolutionizing the ability to tailor outreach to individual employee needs. Specifically, presenters will describe a successful approach to support [...]

Behavioral Health and its Impact on Productivity and the Workplace

Feb 15, 2016|

Fikry Isaac, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Health and Wellness Solutions, Johnson & Johnson Robert Carr, M.D., Director, Executive Master’s Program in Health Systems Administration, Georgetown University Patricia Purdy, Vice President of Global Employer Solutions, Pacific Resources Kimberly George, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, M&A, and Healthcare, Sedgwick

2014 IBI Forum Keynote: William Strahan, Comcast

Apr 2, 2014|

*Speakers:* William Strahan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Comcast Cable This year’s keynote presentation looked at the governance of disability and other leaves from the perspective of the head of human resources and the C-suite. At Comcast these issues are scrutinized at the board level. Strahan talked about how his team materially reduced the use [...]

How Kaiser Permanente Optimized Health and Productivity through Integrated Disability Management

Apr 1, 2014|

Speakers: Marlene Dines, National IDM Leader, Kaiser Permanente Nicole Stelter, PhD, Product Manager, Kaiser Permanente This presentation focused on optimizing employee health and productivity through Integrated Disability Management (IDM). Kaiser Permanente's task force of senior management and labor leaders is supported by a community of subject matter experts, which helps them map out how labor, [...]

How a Major Retailer Improved Health and Productivity during the Recession

Mar 31, 2014|

Speakers: Matthew Harmon, Benefits Delivery and Retirement Director, JCPenney Teresa Bartlett, MD, Senior Vice President, Medical Quality, Sedgwick U.S. retail industry was hard hit by the global economic downturn that began in 2008. As one of the leading retailers affected by the recession, JCPenny was dedicated to improving their health and productivity programs despite the [...]